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Cool Mountain Green

Posted by on Jan 20, 2014

Cool Mountain Green

Cool Mountain Green (Dale Wade-Keszey)

It’s a color that’s not a color
More a feeling you might have
When the light invades the shadows
And dark hues draw you in

It tugs upon you and your loved ones
Takes you right around the bends
Where some river meets some wooded hillside
And bathes in its serene

Cool mountain green…
Cool mountain green…

Might be miles up that highway
Or some center-city park
Might jump before that sunrise
Or lag slow behind the dark

It has no common form or feature
Paints on your canvas fresh and clean
It seems to help us with our trials
A mental wall on which to lean


In the comfort of this feeling
Wrap yourself from head to toe
And lay there naked in its shelter
And knowing only that it means


So sit back in its beauty
And relax in its scenes
Let its light invade your shadows
And let it’s dark hues bring you peace

Cool mountain green…

© 2011 Dale Wade-Keszey