Everest Rising


Posted by on Jan 20, 2014


Wondering (Dale Wade-Keszey)

If I stretched out my hand
would you run with me
Let your feelings loose
let those spirits all dance free
Would you skip across that desert floor
shadows of the spires flow on by
I was wondering would you try

If I wrote a song
that healed your broken heart
Would you join right in
and memorize your part
Let the rhythm and the sounds of joy
dull the pain for a while
I was wondering would you smile

Will I sing this song forever
Will I ever get the nerve
And tell you how I feel about you
Or just sing to those stars above

And when I feel the hurt
that life can bring us all
Would you comfort me and say
it’s not my fault
That the wounds and strife of love
and life in time fade away
I was wondering what would you say


And if I asked you plain
could we be one some day
Would you gently smile
or turn your head away
Do I dare to know the truth
about my dreams just this time

I was wondering could you be mine

© 2011 Dale Wade-Keszey