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Chistochina Rose

Posted by on Jan 21, 2014

Chistochina Rose

Chistochina Rose (Dale Wade-Keszey)

I got a friend he is a wild one
ask anybody that he knows
He’s got a way to take you places
you don’t really want to go

He came back East to chase some shadows
he had cast a long time ago
Just to find that once they’ve laid down
shadows don’t get up and go

Ain’t it funny how life spins you around?
‘Round and ’round like driven snow
Up North he goes where wild rivers flow
With his Chistochina Rose

Well they say in every city
there’s someone special you should know
But the trick is take them with you
and just never let them go

Now my friend he found that someone
He’s got a family and a home
And he lives up by that Wrangell
where that Copper River flows


I know one day I’ll go to see him
and we’ll raise a glass or three
And we’ll laugh about them shadows
how in the end they set him free

He will show me his mountains
How they frame Nabesna Road
And we’ll look down that long valley
And watch that Copper River flow


© 2011 Dale Wade-Keszey