Everest Rising


We are pleased to announce the release of our new EP "Chasing Ghosts" (April 2017), which is available as a physical CD as well as a digital download. This musical collection is the result of the creative chemistry between the members of Everest Rising. Stemming from the pen of Dale Wade-Keszey, these five songs evolved into the renditions offered here through a combination of musical experimentation and refinement resulting in a rich tapestry surrounding each story concept.

Our previous album "New Home Found" is also available as a physical CD as well as a digital download.

Chasing Ghosts (EP)

“Chasing Ghosts” is both the title track and a theme, as all of these songs relate to something missed, missing, or imagined. These are universal stories about longing, regret, and the cycles of life. The story characters are sometimes real and sometimes fictional… not unlike the ghosts we chase.

New Home Found

The songs on this recording are the result of a collective passion for creative musical expression, written, arranged and produced by members of Everest Rising. This is heartfelt music, prepared with care. Enjoy!

Riverview Ramblers Legacy Downloads

The Riverview Ramblers were a local bluegrass band active in the Capital Region from the early 2000's to 2011. All members of Everest Rising were previously in the Riverview Ramblers. Bill was a founding member, Dale joined shortly thereafter in 2004, Pete joined in early 2005, and Trevor replaced Gene in early 2009. Other band members included Mike, Mindy, Matt, Ken and Josh - although not all at the same time. Many of our loyal Everest Rising fans have been with us since the Riverview Ramblers days. We are excited to be making the Riverview Ramblers "First Harvest" album available again as a download. Looking ahead, we hope to further mine the back-catalog of archival Riverview Ramblers recordings to create some "basement tapes." We will keep you posted!

First Harvest

Recorded in 2005 at Cotton Hill Studios, this bluegrass album featured a variety of great tunes including the classic "Carolina in the Pines," "You Plant Your Fields," "Roll, Mohawk, Roll", "Railroad Line" and many more. Gosh we had fun making this one! The download includes four bonus studio tracks never before released! Go grab yourself a copy and enjoy!